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When to visit cat ba island – the best time for your trip

When to visit cat ba island – the best time for your trip

Cat Ba Island is the largest island in the ha Long Bay Complex. Its spectacular nature’s features and unique access to Ha Long Bay make it one of the most worth-visiting places in Vietnam. Not only being known for the natural landscape, but Cat Ba island is also a good place to learn about the traditions and culture of the fishing communities in Northern Vietnam.

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When to visit cat ba island – the best time for your trip

When to visit Cat Ba Island

In general, the best time to visit Cat Ba Island is between April and November. These months fall to summer and autumn, which come with favorable weather for tourism.

This period is also the peak tourist season in Ha Long Bay. And during this season, tourists have so many different options for boats, cruises, and hotels.

Coming to Cat Ba Island, you must be interested in cruises in Lan Ha Bay. This bay is one of the most important highlights in your trip in Cat Ba Island.

For most tourists, overnight cruises in Cat Ba Island are the best way to discover the mainland and the bay. Cat Ba Island cruises, while not as diverse as those in Ha Long Bay, still offer enough comfort for your accommodation.

If you are planning to go to Cat Ba during its peak season, it is always important to book your services, especially accommodation and transportation in advance. The price will rise quite a lot during this time. So make sure you are well prepared for the trip without having to pay for any surcharge or unnecessary fee.

And if you want to escape from the crowd and visit Cat Ba Island during its low season, the period between September and November is an ideal choice. However, the weather then gets affected by the monsoon. Some cruises in Lan Ha Bay are canceled due to the bad weather, which includes heavy rains and typhoons.

Still, if you follow the weather forecast, visiting Cat Ba Island during the low season is then also a good deal.

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Weather in Cat Ba Island

Overall, Cat Ba is a laidback place most of the year. Cat Ba Island weather is quite enjoyable, which makes it one of the ideal places for kayaking, rocking climbing, and hiking.

Depending on your focus on your trip to Cat Ba, you can choose different months accordingly. Hot season, also high season is between April and October. The rain volume is pretty high during this time. And on average, the warmest month is July, and the coolest month is January.

Regarding the humidity, January is the driest month and September is the wettest month.

Especially during June and August, the energy level gets dialed up considerably as Cat Ba turns into roaring resorts and crowded cruises in Lan Ha Bay. And in order to plan your trip to Cat Ba, it is important to check the weather forecast in your trip duration.

There are now many websites offering the weather forecast before 25 days or even one month with great accuracy. By looking at the humidity and temperature, you can decide the perfect duration for your trip.

Where to stay in Cat Ba Island

The accommodation options in Cat Ba Island are quite diverse, with many guesthouses, homestays, hotels, bungalows, and luxury resorts. Most tourists choose to stay in Cat Ba Town. By far it is the best area if you are considering where to stay in Cat Ba Island.

Also, most accommodations cluster around the ocean, which offers short walking distance for your transferring. Most of them are in the town center, and the closer the accommodation is to the town, the more expensive it is.

One important note for your trip to Cat Bat is visiting Lan Ha Bay. There are also many cruise options on Lan Ha Bay. Most of them come with boutique standard. And most tourists choose overnight cruises or 3-day-2-night cruises in Lan Ha Bay.

As compared to cruises in Ha Long Bay, cruises in Cat Ba island are a little bit more reasonable. However, during high and peak seasons, the capacity is full more than often, forcing the cruise companies and travel agencies to increase their price.

In short, room rates in Cat Ba seasonally change. It is thus always a good idea to book your room before actually coming to the island.

Tips when visiting Cat Ba Island

Book your room in advance

As repeated many times in this article, it is always a good idea to book your room in advance. And if you want to plan a budget trip, visiting Cat Ba Island in its low season is also a good thing to do.

Book a cruise

It is best to book 3-day-2-night cruises in Cat Ba Island as it gives you more time to enjoy the beauty of the island. An overnight cruise can be a little bit too rush as you already need 5-6 hours for transferring to the island if you are staying at Ha Noi or Ha Long.

Choose proper clothing

Similar to Ha Long, weather in Cat Ba is typical monsoon tropics and the average temperature is 22 Celsius degrees. You should then wear light clothing with sports shoes or sandals.

The bottom line

Cat Ba Island is now called a jewel in Vietnam’s island crown. It is a paradise for both water activities and a relaxing vacation. Whether you just want to chill on the beach or participate in adrenaline-rush doings, Cat Ba has it for you. It is definitely worth a visit, give it a try and a plan.


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